Freedom Vodka Bottle
Freedom Vodka

The spirit that unites us all.

Introducing Freedom Vodka, the spirit of Ukraine, in a bottle. Freedom Vodka hails from the heart of Ukraine, embodying a rich tradition that dates back centuries, where the art of distillation is not just a process but a cultural treasure.

Freedom Vodka is distilled and bottled following an old recipe by skilled Ukrainian artisans. The ideal proportion of high-quality grain spirit and crystal clear artesian water gives the product a noble and unique taste. Five times filtration technology ensures the vodka does not contain unwanted additives and makes it exceptionally soft and smooth.

In every pour, in every toast, in every shared moment, Freedom Vodka is a celebration of the human spirit, of the joy we find in community, and the strength we draw from our roots. Taste the essence of Ukraine, embrace the freedom - Freedom Vodka. The spirit that unites us all.

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